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3 Packs White Turkey Flat Feathers 4-6 Inch Fluffy Feathers Crafts Masks Hats Costumes Decorating Dream Catchers Wedding Party Decoration (41 Grams Total)


  • $ 1200

  • VALUE SET: 3 Packs, (each 13.9 grams) total of 41 grams of beautiful white color feathers ideal for hats, costumes, dress-ups or decorations on birthday, party favors, wedding & holiday.
  • SIZE: Feathers range approximately from 4 inch to 6 inches. Natural feathers are different in size, and shape.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: 100% natural turkey flat feathers, professionally sanitized and perfectly applicable for all kinds of craft projects.
  • MUST HAVE: Essential for every home DIY craft maker, school kid, dress maker, costume maker, home décor enthusiast and jewelry maker.
  • APPLICATIONS: Excellent for professional decorators & dressmakers as well as DIY craft makers, decoration of clothing and jewelry, hats and headpieces, wedding stage and school plays, masks and floral arrangements and many other applications and designs.

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