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ALAZCO 6 Glue Traps - Excellent Quality Glue Boards Mouse Trap Bugs Insects Spiders, Brown Recluse, Crickets Cockroaches Lizard Scorpion Mice Trap & Monitor Non-Toxic Made in USA


  • $ 900

  • Great Non-toxic way of catching Rodents and insects.
  • The glue covered surface measures 4.5"x 6.5" (the whole trap is 5.25"x 7.75")
  • Can be used as flat or folded and placed where rodent or other target pests activities have been observed.
  • Set of 6 Trap Boards - Manufactured exclusively for ALAZCO
  • NON-TOXIC Perfect Pest control for places where pesticide can not be used.
  • 788536264638

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