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ALAZCO 2 Dish Mop BBQ Basting Grilling Apply Barbeque Sauce Marinade Glazing – Cleaning Soft Brush Wash Bottles Decanter Wine Glass Coffee Pot Full Cotton Fiber Head Non-Slip Handle 15’’ Long


  • $ 800

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Set of 2 Great Multipurpose Soft brush – a multi tasker all over kitchen and home by ALAZCO - Set of 2 will simplify cooking and cleaning tasks easier – Designate one for cleaning and one for cooking!
  • COOKING & CLEANING: Perfect for basting & brushing BBQ sauce and marinade sauce on meat and vegetables … Also Ideal for washing wine glass, decanters & Crystals, large drink cups, pitchers, juice bottles, coffee pots and all kind of jars
  • DETAIL CLEANING: Also great for dusting & cleaning tools and all-around home or work-shop cleaning
  • MEASUREMENT: 15” TOTAL LENGTH – 4” long stands of Full cotton mop is approximately 3.5” wide – Handle is 5.25” long and ergonomically designed with soft touch non-slip materials and hanging hole.
  • CARE: Wash with mild soap and rinse well BEFORE initial use and after each usage – air dry – Also can be washed with bleach to removed BBQ sauce color/stain

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