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ALAZCO 2 pk (12 Ft Each) Rubber Coated Flex Plant Wire Support Plant Vines Stems Stalks - Easy Cut Twist Tie for Plants Guide Climbing Plants Tomato Cucumbers Squash Sunflower & More

  • $ 900

  • Flexible foam-rubber cord with bendable steel wire core - bend or twist and it holds shape
  • Perfect for tying vines to stakes or trellises; support fruit-laden branches & anchor against wind
  • No knots to tie or hooks to slip - just twist ends like bread wrapper to secure
  • Easier than rope, won't rust, slip or stretch - plus it's reusable; dozens of other uses, too
  • 2 Packs Each 12-ft roll is easy to cut to length with just a scissor or garden shear; 4.5mm-diameter

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