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36 pcs Nail File Pumice Stone Sticks Cuticle Pusher Eraser Polish Dry Residue Skin Hangnail Nail Bed Cleaner Buffing Stone for Home & Salon Manicure Pedicure Tool


  • $ 841

  • 36 Pcs stone nail file buffer-blocks (White)
  • Ideal for fingernails and toenails, manicure and pedicure and work along all types of polish, and even artificial nails
  • V-shaped tip pumice sticks buff nail surface and file away and remove excess dry skin, cuticles and hangnails quickly and they are easy to hold and work with.
  • Pumice stones are great for cuticle pushing and remove the dead skin on the nail, resulting even and clean nail bed. Just like a pro!
  • Multipurpose pumice sticks are also excellent for cleaning grout lines, scrape away hard water buildup in and around sink and bathtubs, around the metal drains
  • Each pumice stone stick block measures 4" long and they are 5mm (0.2 inches) square.

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