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2pc Compact Tweezers Set – Multipurpose Mini Slanted & Pointed Tweezer - Eyebrows Facial Hair Splinter Thorns Ingrown Hair Removal First Aid Kit - Professional Stainless Steel Rose Gold


  • $ 591

  • ESSENTIAL SET: Set includes 1 slanted tip tweezers and 1 pointed tip tweezers in mini, compacted size.
  • COMPACT: These mini tweezers are perfect size to carry with you to camping, sporting events, first kit, make up bags and kits, gardening kit, travel, dorms, lockers and drawers.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Not only amazing as eyebrow tweezers, they are great as eyelash applicator, extension applicator, ingrown hair, blackheads, thorns removals, and they come in handy in scrapbooking and arts and crafts making and many more use.
  • MEASUREMENTS: 2-7/8” overall length of each tweezer. They are 8mm at the widest part of handle. Pointy tweezer’s tip is 1mm and slanted tweezer’s tip is 6mm wide.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Both slanted tip and micro pointed tip align PERFECTLY and tightly without fail to provide the tight grip around hair or splinter and pull them where and where you need them.
  • ROSE GOLD: Stainless steel tweezers – Built to last

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