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2 Slanted Edge Cuticle Clippers Nail Cuticle Trimmer Cutting Clipper Pedicure Manicure Tool Cutter Hangnail Loose Dry Cuticles Cutter Remover Tool –Made in Korea


  • $ 652

  • Superior quality carbon steel cuticle cutter and trimmer – Made in Korea
  • Unlike regular cuticle nippers or scissors, this cuticle clippers give you optimal control and precision.
  • Similar look as a nail clipper, but designed to trim pesky cuticles, and dry skin around nails, for a clean and healthier looking nails
  • Slanted head makes it easy to hold in hand and trim cuticles. Small size of 2-3/8” makes it easy to trim cuticles.
  • Great for men, women, elderly and unsteady hands. Set of 2, because you will love and always use them, gift them or carry with you.

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