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ALAZCO 14 pc Vintage Style Hair Roller Medium BRUSH ROLLERS & PINS Mesh Hair Curlers With Bristles 2.5"x 3/4", with Flexible Locking Pins


  • $ 1995

About this item

  • MEASUREMENT: Each medium Roller measures 2 1/2" Long x 3/4" Diameter. Each pin measures 2.75”.
  • VINTAGE STYLE: Rare and hard to find, ALAZCO brush rollers are a great vintage vibe hair styling product. They are basic, practical and long lasting, and they work on all hair types.
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN: Rollers are made of premium quality springs, covered and locked with quality rubber mesh and inside each roller nested the removable bristles. These bristles are ideals for thin hair. They keep the hair secure and volumize the curls. You can remove the bristles or just leave them as they are. Each roller comes with a flexible plastic pin. Unlike other plastic pins in the market, ALAZCO pins have LOCKING NOTCH which will not slide out of the hair and STAYS PUT.
  • EASY TO USE: Optimally you may want to have your hair styling products on your damp hair. Use each roller to roll your hair on desired direction and secure with pin. Dry the hair and gently remove each roller without pulling. Optionally run your fingers through your hair and secure with hair spray for lasting curls.
  • GREAT SET: Each set includes 14 hair styling brush rollers and 14 pieces of plastic roller pins,

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