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Premium Collection Clay Palo Santo Holder (Two-Tone, Black & Clay Holder) and 5 Genuine Palo Santo Sticks Purification Kit Meditation Focus Healing - Sustainably Made in India


  • $ 898

  • VERSATILE: Our Great Set Comes with 5 Palo Santo Sticks, But There Is Also A Small Hole To Burn Incense Sticks, or Use as Candle Holder for Taper Candles
  • PALO SANTO: We Won't Go Over All The AMAZING Benefits of PALO SANTO Here But Are Some … It Is Known as Wood Of The Saints, and It Attracts Positive Energy, Improve Meditation & Concentration. Its Natural Properties, Released in Its Gentle and light Smoke, PURIFY Space and People on an Energetic Level.
  • HEALING PROPERTIES: Palo Santo is Also Used in Various Ways for Spiritual Healing By Shamans. It Has Also Been Used To Relax and Help Anxiety or Headache
  • PREMIUM COLLECTION: This Set Comes with 1 Base to Hold All Falling Ash and 5 Sustainably Resourced Palo Santo Sticks
  • GREAT PURIFICATION KIT GIFT: whether You Are A Spiritual Person, Or Just Need More Power of POSITIVITY or FOCUS, This Set is GREAT. For You, or For Anyone Who Can Use This Palo Santo Set

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